Install Two Chandeliers and One Other Ceiling Light Fixture

Wednesday 3rd August, 2016

I have three lighting projects that I need help with:

1/ Correct Installation of 1960's Chandelier

I have a 1960's chandelier that I recently attempted to install but got defeated by the requirement to get the wire up through the central screw and then hooked up correctly.  I have put a temporary fix in place but I need an electrician to correct the installation and make it safe.

2/ Replace single bulb with 3 bulb lighting fixture

I would like to take the 3 bulb ceiling fixture that the 1960's chandelier replaced and have that installed in the hallway.

This is the new fixture that I need installed in the hall.

This is the current hall lighting and will be replaced by the three bulb fixture

3/ Replace ceiling fan with new chandelier

Finally I have a new chandelier from Home Depot that I would like installed that replaces a ceiling fan.

This is the new Home Depot chandelier

This is what it will replace

Either drop me an email to or call me on 310 980 2499.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


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