Local Listings - Your money or your time

Have you ever actually used a local directory to find something online?  Have you even heard of places like GetFave, Patch, Topix etc?

Local, Local, Local

Getlisted.org reckons there are now over 2 billion searches a month that have a local intent, i.e. they include things like zip code, neighborhoods etc.  As a result, Yahoo says there's over 150 million searches a month now taking place in over 40 local directories.

Why would you list in local directories?

What the local directories have that you don't is a deeper and stronger local presence.  They've spent years building up content that is driven by location data - so when people are using local terms or mobile devices  to search - those directories have an advantage.

So should you list in local directories?

Sure, why not?  Bigger is always better and the more search results you have and links coming back into your website the more visible you are but, as with everything there's a balance - so what level should you play at?


If you've got money to burn - say $30 a month indefinitely - then use the Yahoo Local works service - you can check out what your business currently looks like by going here.  They'll standardize the listings and add you everywhere - but here's the kicker; when you stop paying - they delist you.  Lame!

Sensible and Free

Use the getlisted.org tool , find out what you look like on the major sites and easily add your own data to the ones that you are not on.

Take care of your own site

No matter how many directories you're in, the website that appears at the top of the results page is always going to beat a directory listing.  Make sure that your own site is up to scratch - micro format your content page, make sure you're using local tags such as zip and neighborhood in your meta titles and descriptions.

If you'd like to learn more about this and  find out what you can do to improve your local visibility, get in touch - I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

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